Wild Rubber has been developed from Sky Rainforest Rescue with Sky and WWF's support, as an independent body to try and encourage and better communicate the use of Wild Rubber.

Sky Rainforest Rescue, is a partnership, launched by Sky and WWF in 2009 which aims to help protect one billion trees in Acre, north-west Brazil, across an area the size of Belgium.

Wild Rubber is an independent, open and collaborative project that seeks to increase the value of wild rubber to local tappers through developing new products, and creating partnerships with existing brands to source this material. Wild rubber is being developed with the assistance of Dande Tavares, Bia Saldanha, Lily Cole, Simon Hodgson, Louis Reid, Davi Campos, Yair Neuman, Brian Boylan, Kwame Ferreira and WWF.

Images curtesy of Adrian Steirn for Sky/WWF.