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Wild Things

VEJA x LC trainers

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These shoes are made from organic cotton and wild rubber (40-50%) in their soles. Veja are a French company who create lots of trainers with wild rubber soles. This collection was designed by Lily Cole as part of the Sky Rainforest Rescue campaign. Lily worked with Veja to develop this print based on 8mm imagery she captured in the rainforest.

Veja have done several collaborations with artists and designers. For example they developed a colourful print for trainers using aerial cartography of the Amazonian forest by Greg Asner, a research professor at Stanford University and Carnegie Institutions Department of Global Ecology. Traveling over the Amazon in a single engine prop plane, Asner uses a powerful laser system to detect carbon emanations from the ground. Again, these trainers are made with 40-50% wild rubber soles.



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